Telling People We Love Them – Send-A-Hug – Kid-Craft version and Mama-Craft version

I came across a pin of this craft on Pinterest a while back thinking it was really adorable and just logging it away for the right time. The first time my 2-year old daughter, Penelope, and I actually did it was when we were sending a package to her grandparents in Southern California. It seemed such a great impromptu project for that kind of moment because it allowed us to not only send them a special art project from Penny, but also shares with them how big she’s getting in a different way than just the Facebook pictures they’re used to seeing. Additionally, the process of making the “hug” gave Penny and me the opportunity to talk about Mamu & Grandpa and how we love them and they live far away and how nice it is to do special things to show people we love them. That is exactly why this project popped in to my head for Valentine’s Day. It is easy and quick, but fun to do, and the end result is something special for someone special.

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