Local history, modern goals honored at ribbon-cutting for Beaverton street extension

Even an oversized pair of scissors couldn’t offer enough space for all of the hands involved in bringing to life a new core street extension in the heart of the Beaverton regional center.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday honored both local history and modern goals for the city and the region, officials said, with the formal opening of the $2.5 million Rose Biggi Avenue extension from SW Crescent Avenue to Hall Boulevard, four months ahead of schedule.

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A new Rose in the Rose City’s Gateway District

The grand opening of the Rose Apartments in East Portland’s Gateway District represents a visible icon of the progress and momentum happening in the neighborhood, local community leaders believe.

Two four-story buildings offering 90 apartments, The Rose is a contemporary development with a focus on sustainability, through green building materials and energy-efficient design; community connections, with a public plaza and garden hosting artwork by Ivan McLean; and affordability, with 40 percent of units income-restricted at 60 percent of area median.

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Food for thought: DEQ expert talks food waste at Science on Tap event

True or False – Is food the single largest component of the waste produced in the Portland metro area?

The answer? True. Food waste makes up about 19 percent of the waste sent to the landfill in the region. Each year that’s enough food to fill 5,000 long haul trucks.

This trivia question kicked off the most recent event in Metro’s Let’s Talk Trash series Ignoble Rot: Food Scraps as Compost and Energy.

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With a laser focus, LIDAR collaboration provides data, savings

A consortium of 28 cities and service providers came together to fund a LIDAR flight generating new, detailed mapping of the greater Portland region.

The LIDAR flights covered 976 square miles offering the most comprehensive data set ever collected in the area. Metro’s Data Research Center says the $800,000 project would have cost nearly $6 million if each of the 28 participants had ordered their flights individually.

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Metro looks to unite regional vision for affordable housing with new equitable housing initiative

Portland is growing – fast.

With that growing population is a growing conversation. The topic: affordability.

That’s the focus of a new $200,000 effort from Metro’s Planning and Development Department which aims to lead a regional conversation about equitable housing – ensuring diverse, quality, affordable housing choices with access to jobs, schools, and transportation options – to try and preserve affordability in the Portland region.

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Community enhancement program, a relic of the St. Johns Landfill, winds down with last 14 grants

It’s been 25 years since the St. Johns Landfill closed its gates, since trucks hauling waste to the facility rumbled through nearby North Portland neighborhoods.

A quarter century ago, the companies running those trucks paid fees for the privilege of dumping their waste in the St. Johns Landfill. And even though the trucks have stopped coming, and the St. Johns Prairie is rising where the landfill once stewed, a community enhancement fund still had $1.3 million for community organizations.

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International students celebrate end of a legacy at Beaver Creek


Twenty international college students descend upon a creek bed snipping away blackberry overgrowth and snatching up litter blown in by the road traffic above.

STUDENT, singing
From California …

FELLOW STUDENTS, also singing
To the New York island …

This land was made for you and Me. [LAUGHTER]

It could be a scene from a movie, but it’s just a rainy Saturday morning in February at Beaver Creek in Troutdale.

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